Decode Your Miata's VIN

Type in your VIN below and I will decode it according to the information published on page 17 of the Fall 1993 Miata Magazine. I only have this information for US & Canadian Miatas (i.e. North American models). VINs from other countries will not work. If you have a non North-American Miata, please don't write to me expecting me to be able to decode it. If it doesn't work here, I can't decode it. If you go to your local Mazda dealer and get that information, I will incorporate it here. It seems that the VINs keep getting mucked around with, so many recent model Miatas may not work correctly.

I have made some changes which should make the decoder work for '99 and on models, but I won't know for sure until I have a new Miata of my own. If you would like to donate one to the cause, you can send me email to the address below, and I'll be right over to pick it up.

I do not archive the VINs submitted, but if you are concerned about privacy, don't include the last 6 digits, and I will give you slightly less information.


Let me know how you like it. If you have any problems or constructive comments, Contact me. Including the VIN that the decoder failed on would be helpful, but not vital. Thanks!

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